Terror & Darkness

Hello everyone, I stand here at Valjour Royale in complete darkness even after I have payed my light bill. What injustice is this? As many of you know, my mother – a widow and I – a fatherless child, have fallen prey to the wickedness imposed upon us by thugs, criminals, gangsters, land developers and investors.

We have been living a life of terror and hardship imposed on us by these demons for over a decade now. They have tried to tarnish our spotless reputation, defame and slander our great name, defraud us and have even tried to poison us on several occasions, using “friends”. They follow us everywhere we go to sabotage our business so that we will have no money, intimidate us and make our life as uncomfortable as possible with the hope that we will give up on our estate and our country as a whole and runaway.

These demons have went as far as to suppress and sabotage my musical career and block any form of progress or prosperity in our lives. These monsters befriend you, clone your phone to obtain your contacts, befriend and bribe them (if they are weak), turn them against you so that you have no-one to turn to and all in a carefully plotted conspiracy to steal our estate. Anytime that anything is done to resolve an issue, these termites go into another meeting to conduct more illegal conspiracies to sabotage every aspect of our progress and prosperity.

Meanwhile these groups of people infest the neighborhood with scammers in an effort to drive us out of our estate, issuing death threats, threatening to burn down our house if we don’t move out and chanting morning, noon and night, Who would have thought that after returning home that we would be faced with such atrocities.

It must be known that we will never give up or back down from our purpose and what we own. We are here today and we are here to stay. I have placed this here on my website so that the world can see what my mother and I have been enduring.

Please keep us in your prayers because God knows that we need all the help we can get in conquering these enemies, bringing back peace, prosperity and happiness to our lives. No-one should have to endure what we are going through. It is cruel and inhuman.


Another Great Review Is In

Another great review for Alexander Lindo’s album entitled “The Fight is Ours” is in. The Sounds Won’t Stop say “The Fight Is Ours” is a powerhouse of crushing pop rock that crosses boundaries into progressive, anthemic, and even orchestral rock and all with a seamless feel. An outstanding record from Alexander Lindo gives fans of almost any kind of rock plenty of treats and playlist worthy singles.” Read the article in all its entirety right here, a PDF is available here. Thank you for the wonderful review! 

Logic Pro X 10.2.2 Overview

Logic Pro has always been one of the most powerful and popular DAWs on the planet. For many years it has provided all that is necessary to create a production from writing stage all the way to the mastering stage. Indeed Logic Pro is one of the most comprehensive DAWs ever made. Due to the program’s wealth of features, instruments and effects plugins I can only imagine, that it must be quite a daunting task to update. Kudos to Apple and the Logic Pro team for another great release.

Plugins Have Been Redesigned

Many of the built-in audio effects plugins have been redesigned for retina support. These include:

  • Delay > Sample Delay
  • Delay >  Stereo Delay
  • Delay > Tape Delay
  • Distortion > Bit Crusher
  • Distortion > Clip Distortion
  • Distortion > Distortion
  • Distortion > Overdrive
  • Distortion > Phase Distortion
  • Dynamics > Adaptive Limiter
  • Dynamics > Limiter (Aside from these 2 limiters, the dynamics section got no love in this release).
  • Filter > AutoFilter (Logic Pro’s comprehensive filter plugin has gotten a long overdue update)
  • Modulation > Almost Every plugin in this section (with the exception of Ringshifter, Scanner Vibroto, Rotation Cabinet) received an update.
  • Reverb > EnVerb
  • Reverb > SilverVerb (No love for PlatinumVerb yet)
  • Utility > Test Oscillator
  • Metering > Correlation Meter
  • Metering > Level Meter
  • Metering > MultiMeter
  • None of the Software Instruments (such as ES2 and EXS24) have received an update.

Alchemy Text scaling/rendering has been refined for a sharper appearance. For instance, on a monitor with a resolution of 1388×768, a plugin such as Alchemy scaled at 86% looks much clearer than it did in version 10.2.0

See screenshots below

Logic 10.2.1 

LPX 10.2.1

Logic 10.2.0

LPX 10.2.0

The Splash Screen Is Back

The splash screen is back on El Capitan. Those LPX users who upgraded to El Capitan found themselves without a splash screen for quite some time. The splash screen provides very useful functionality such as to tell you what is taking place as Logic Pro X loads (as apposed to user thinking that the program has frozen). This update has solved this issue. 

Name Plugins in the Plugin Manager

“There are two new columns in the Plug-In Manager that can be used to assign long and/or short names to each of the plug-ins. The longer name appears in the menu, and the shorter name appears in the plug-in insert.”

This has been a feature I have been asking for, for quite some time now. Very handy especially for plugin manufactures who love long horrendous names.

Export Multiple Regions

“You can now use the Export Region as Audio File command with multiple selected regions.”

Before you could only export one region at a time or all of them.

Bounce Multiple Tracks in Place

“Bounce Tracks in Place now works for multiple selected tracks.” Extremely useful for printing  many instrument tracks to audio tracks in one go.

Track Stacks in Mixer

You can now create and flatten Track Stacks in the Mixer in Tracks view.

For the entire list of updates see: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203718