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Hello everyone, my first vlog video entitled “Welcome to the Journey” is up on YouTube. Check it out and thank you for the continued support! – Alexander Lindo

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Progression is Out Now


Progression is Out Now!

Released: September 23rd 2016
The “Progression” EP is available for purchase on
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Featuring hits like “Thunder”, “Hurt” and “Miracle”.

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– Alexander Lindo
Singer-Songwriter / Producer / Audio-Engineer
Apple Certified Logic Pro / Pro Tools Certified Operator

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Guitars: Alexander Lindo, Production: Alexander Lindo,
Mixed: Alexander Lindo, Mastered: Alexander Lindo

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Adoptable Storage Duplicate Media Fix

Adoptable Storage Duplicate Media Fix

When an Android device receives a security or software update while Adoptable Storage is engaged, media files may appear to be duplicated throughout the filesystem mounted at “/storage/emulated/0” aka “/sdcard”. This has been a major annoyance to many Android users and one that has been around ever since the feature was established. After endless searching I was unable to find a solution, this led me to work on my own.

This issue becomes apparent due to a minor glitch in the Android OS that occurs when the adopted SD Card is dismounted, while the OS is being updated or when the OS is powered off abruptly. The issue is not device specific and can affect all Android devices that have Adoptable Storage enabled. The fix is quite simple and can save you the trouble of having to re-format your SD Card and re-transfer all of your media.

  1. First go to “Settings > Apps > All apps”
  2. Tap the 3 dots in the top right hand corner
  3. On the menu that appears select “Show system”
  4. Scroll down to “Media Storage” and tap on it.
  5. Tap “Force Stop”
  6. Now tap “Storage” and in the window that appears select “Clear Data”
  7. Now go back to “All apps” and scroll to “Storage Manager” and do the same
  8. Restart your device.

When your device has successfully booted it will begin to re-index the content present on your adopted SD card. This may take some time. When your media files have re-appeared, you will notice that the duplicates are now gone. – Alexander Lindo

The Evolution of Audio

There was a time once where it was the standard to record a track with nothing but hardware. From an engineer’s perspective, the band would come in plugin. The engineer would then mic up the vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer based on the style demonstrated by the band. These tracks would then be routed though a massive console and outboard effects would be patched in via a patch-bay. The signal would then be routed to a tape machine for record and playback. If there were any errors, the band would have to do the take again. In those days recordings were great not only because the band was great but also due to the fact that they had to practice more in order to get the perfect take.

Fast forward to now and we have DAW software. The workflow for the most part continues on the same path as before with the exception of TAPE and plugins. The signal is routed to the console and from the console to the DAW software. From the DAW software the output channels are routed back to the console in order to enable playback. It is now up to the engineer to decide whether to record to tape or not. Many opt to do so as they claim that the tape enhances the sound.

In reality, all that is necessary to record a band are great microphones, A low latency audio interface with great preamps, with enough inputs/outputs and a reasonably powerful laptop. That is all that is needed. There have been many arguments over hardware vs. plugins that try to emulate that “analog” sound. But let us take this a step back without being over zealous in mentioning any names. In today’s age we have superior audio with a resolution of up to 192 kbps and 24 bit. We never had any where near that resolution with tape. Now that man have accomplished this massive feat, plugin manufactures are now placing the illusion that great mixes cannot be made without these “classic” hardware models. This is simply not true.

In simple terms: a compressor is a compressor, an eq is an eq, and distortion is distortion.

A compressor is designed with only one thing in mind, and that is to reduce dynamic range.

An equalizer was designed to accentuate favorable frequencies to better sculpt the audio spectrum. Anything else is distortion, which in many cases can prove to be unfavorable and yet quite favorable in some instances. I have experienced many different pieces of hardware and software used to emulate the corresponding hardware and I can confidently say that the differences are greatly exaggerated. A knowledgeable engineer can get a usable sound out of most compressors. Having said that the SSL 4000 Buss compressor and the 1176 are two excellent compressors. The 1176’s super fast microsecond attack time distorts the incoming signal, giving it a perceived “liveliness”. The SSL 4000 Buss compressor add life to a mix through the use of distortion as-well.

Song Lyrics

Today is one of those days where I post great song lyrics:

Song Name: Out of the Clouds

“I’ve got my mind set on ahead, and nothing can deter me”

The song “Out of the Clouds” is available on my debut EP entitled “Progression”.
Buy it now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Be sure to tell all of your friends so they can pick up a copy as well.