One Leads

The official music video for “One Leads” by Alexander Lindo from his new album entitled “The Real Truth” has been published! Check it out and do not forget to likefollow and subscribe. All the support is very much welcomed and appreciated. This is a song about leadership, an anthem for the youth, achieving your dreams and most importantly your purpose. This is a song about strength and resilience. A song about discovering your inner strength and abilities. This video was shot entirely on location at The Valjour Royale Estate powered by 100% renewable energy.


The Real Truth

As we are about to close the final chapter in 2021, a year full of torture, terror, hardship, pain, destruction and many lives lost due to the Covid infections, I give thanks to the almighty God for spearing my life and sending angels to help me fight this vicious war, that has been waged against me. I do appreciate the sincere assistance.

As many of you know, my mother and have fallen prey to demonic land developers among other devious and unscrupulous entities. We have been terrorized and threatened on several occasions. Throughout this bitter, evil, conspicuous time, I was also illegally deprived of electricity. After seeing the involvement of the power company with the syndicate, fighting to make my mother and I give up on our estate, I decided it best to setup our home, Valjour Royale with independent solar power. I am very proud of my achievement in successfully installing and maintaining the system. Most of all, it feels very liberating to have been able to put out this new album using 100% pure renewable energy. 

I would like to thank my powerful, strong, resilient, courageous and loving mom. She has always been there for me, providing hope, love and support. She has given me strength throughout my career, despite the terror and hardship that we have been enduring. Thank you to my fans, because of you my previous album entitled “The Fight Is Ours” managed to surpass 150,000 streams worldwide, very good for an independent artist with no label or promotion team behind me.

I’d like to thank the Government of Jamaica for their devotion and continued assistance. I stand tall and proud in the face of my adversities to know that the Government of Jamaica is standing firm and resilient in helping its citizens overcome the atrocities they have been faced with. I’d like to thank my family for their love, devotion and continued support towards my mother and I. And to the friends who are there for us, we are forever grateful for your continued support. 

This album would not have been possible without your help. 

This album is entitled “The Real Truth” and was written, produced, mixed and mastered by me, Alexander Lindo. It is a depiction of my life, what I have been through and continue to endure. It is an album about strength, resilience, fighting and never giving up, no matter what obstacles come your way. This album is “The Real Truth”. I do hope that you will enjoy this album as much as I do. I have combined it with tracks from my previous album entitled “The Fight Is Ours”. All previous tracks have been remixed and remastered for higher fidelity. Do enjoy!

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Terror & Darkness

Hello everyone, I stand here at Valjour Royale in complete darkness even after I have payed my light bill. What injustice is this? As many of you know, my mother – a widow and I – a fatherless child, have fallen prey to the wickedness imposed upon us by thugs, criminals, gangsters, land developers and hyenas / investors from the music industry.

We have been living a life of terror and hardship imposed on us by these demons for over a decade now. They have tried to tarnish our spotless reputation, defame and slander our great name, defraud us and have even tried to poison us on several occasions, using “friends”. They follow us everywhere we go to sabotage our business so that we will have no money, intimidate us and make our life as uncomfortable as possible with the hope that we will give up on our estate and our country as a whole and runaway.

These demons have went as far as to suppress and sabotage my musical career and block any form of progress or prosperity in our lives. These monsters befriend you, clone your phone to obtain your contacts, befriend and bribe them (if they are weak), turn them against you so that you have no-one to turn to and all in a carefully plotted conspiracy to steal our estate. Anytime that anything is done to resolve an issue, these termites go into another meeting to conduct more illegal conspiracies to sabotage every aspect of our progress and prosperity.

Meanwhile these groups of people infest the neighborhood with scammers in an effort to drive us out of our estate, issuing death threats, threatening to burn down our house if we don’t move out and chanting morning, noon and night things like:

“they have got to go”,

“we are going to kill them”,

“i am going to make sure he never gets back light, they have to move out”

“yes man, we have mashed him up, him nah get back no light”

“take away his light, now that is sabotage”

“mi nah understand dis yeah man, mi nah give him back him light, him haffi move out”

“we have cut them off for good, no light, that will get them out”

“dem nah wan come out, we ah go bun it down, fire”

Who would have thought that after returning home that we would be faced with such atrocities.

It must be known that we will never give up or back down from our purpose and what we own. We are here today and we are here to stay. I have placed this here on my website so that the world can see what my mother and I have been enduring.

Please keep us in your prayers because God knows that we need all the help we can get in conquering these enemies, bringing back peace, prosperity and happiness to our lives. No-one should have to endure what we are going through. It is cruel and inhuman.


The Fight Is Ours

The official music video for “The Fight Is Ours” by Alexander Lindo is up now. Check it out and please show your support for your fellow human who has been enduring torture by adding a likefollow and subscribe. All the support is very much appreciated. This is a song about fulfilling your purpose in world filled with hate, envy, lies, greed, sabotage, suppression and people dedicating their lives to destroying yours in an effort to see you crumble and turn your dreams into rubble. This is a song about courage, strength and resilience. As evidenced below, you have seen the great reviews coming in from indie magazines. This video was shot entirely on location at The Valjour Royale Estate. If we can make this project a worldwide success, then we can start rebuilding this great country and create a future filled with happiness, purpose and prosperity for all the people who wished they had a chance but have been unable to fulfill their dreams. “The Fight Is Ours” is available for purchase on the iTunes and Amazon store as part of “The Fight Is Ours“. Please show your support by making a purchase, share it with your family, friends, co-workers and if possible by making a donation. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Terror at VR

The Valjour Royale estate located at Mountain Spring, Jack’s Hill, Skyline Drive, Kingston, Jamaica owned, controlled & where Joan Lindo & Alexander Lindo live is not for sale or rent. Report all scammers to law enforcement. In addition, the only developments that will ever take place at this address in the future are those commissioned by Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo, the only legal owners of the estate. The day we give up on our purpose and what we OWN will never come. Psalms 37: “The arms of the wicked shall be broken, their sword shall enter into their own heart and the wicked shall perish as the fat of lambs, into smoke shall they consume away.” Watch the video and read the article here!


Another Great Review Is In

Another great review for Alexander Lindo’s album entitled “The Fight is Ours” is in. The Sounds Won’t Stop say “The Fight Is Ours” is a powerhouse of crushing pop rock that crosses boundaries into progressive, anthemic, and even orchestral rock and all with a seamless feel. An outstanding record from Alexander Lindo gives fans of almost any kind of rock plenty of treats and playlist worthy singles.” Read the article in all its entirety right here, a PDF is available here. Thank you for the wonderful review! 


The Fight Is Ours

The follow up album to “1st” is entitled “The Fight Is Ours”, it is available everywhere and what better title, given the many trials, tribulations and share terror endured for the period of over a decade by Alexander Lindo. This is an album about strength, power and resilience. It takes you on a journey through the life of Alexander Lindo, featuring new hits “Sunlight”, “Obstacles”, “I Will Not Fail”, “Life Is Energy” and “This Way” along with remastered versions of the fabulous hits already present on his previous album “1st”. To all who have assisted and supported in making this possible, thank you. This album would not have been possible without your help.

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PA-SoundWide Review

Alexander Lindo is no stranger to Plugin Alliance or iZotope and that can easily be proven when viewing his projects. He is not the type of person who tends to accumulate plugins needlessly, however after reading that Plugin Alliance have now joined forces with iZotope and Native Instruments through a new conglomerate called SoundWide and as a result was offering complete fully-functional perpetual “state-of-the-art” plugins for free as of consequence, he had to check them out. Through this initiative, he was able to grab the bx_console Focusrite SC plugin for free (which is normally sold by Plugin-Alliance for USD$350). It is an emulation of the rare Focusrite Studio Console made by the late Rupert Neve in 1985 for Sir George Martin of Air Montserrat. His studio was utilized by legends such as Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Elton John among many others. Alexander also acquired the plugin emulation of the coveted Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor for free, which normally retails at just under USD$10,000 for the hardware unit along with the famed Blackbox HG-2, which is also a faithful emulation of the hardware unit that retails for USD$3500.

Upon utilizing the plugins he obtained he did however encounter a discrepancy while using the them in Logic Pro X 10.7 under Big Sur. He filed a bug report with Plugin Alliance, who notified him that they were aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Being the person that Alexander is, he could not “learn to live with it” until then and thus did some research to better ascertain the cause of the problem.

This led him to a Reddit post in the r/Logic_Studio community. In this post the user claims to have been having UI lag ever since Logic Pro X 10.6 on Big Sur and choose to stay on 10.5.1 because of it.

He eventually found this post: https://gist.github.com/lukaskubanek/9a61ac71dc0db8bb04db2028f2635779 where the developer confirms that the issue is caused due to the fact that in Big Sur, Apple has changed the default contents format for the backing layers of NSView. The developer states that instead of an explicit CALayerContentsFormat.RGBA8Uint value, an Automatic value is now used.

In order to resolve the graphics issue, in Terminal enter the following command, hit enter and restart Logic Pro X:

defaults write com.apple.logic10 NSViewUsesAutomaticLayerBackingStores -bool false

This command will revert NSView back to its default behavior, prior to Big Sur which will in-turn resolve the graphics issues.

The hardware that these plugins emulate are truly remarkable and armed with patented TMT (tolerance modeling technology) the plugins created by Dirk and the talented folks Brainworx faithfully captures that. The tonality that the Focusrite SC can impart on the elements of a mix is truly first-class and the experience is nothing short of that. Combine that with the pristine yet solid Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor with its dual Opto / VCA compressors combined with its 3 stages of harmonic distortion and you are off to the races. These plugins are truly state-of-the-art and definitely worth utilizing in your projects. Logic Pro X is one of the most comprehensive DAWs available and these plugins compliment it very well.

In a market that has become oversaturated with plugin manufactures, In a market where the majority seem to be seem to lack direction, In a market where DAW and plugin manufactures are mindlessly attaching ludicrous system requirements to their software, further isolating themselves, In a market where some software companies have now exclusively resorted to extortion plans, eliminating the ability to own, Plugin Alliance must be commended for standing their ground, creating unique, high quality plugins that are not running competitions to see who can render our computers and engineers obsolete way before their time.

Until the month of June, through the SoundWide initiative you can obtain the bx_digital V3 among several other industry standard plugins by Plugin Alliance, iZotope, and Native Instruments for USD$50. Do check them out!

A Day of Jogging

No Valjour Royale is NOT FOR SALE! No-one other than Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo are authorized to accept money, development plans or anything else on behalf of our estate. No-one has any claim or ownership to our estate NOR have we signed any agreements with any entities regarding our estate. There will be no “takeover”, there will be no “war”. No-one but Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo has any power or control over this estate. This estate is solely owned by Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo. If you ever encounter any frauds or scammers claiming otherwise, do send them our way so that we can prosecute them. Any investments to be made, be sure to send them our way, otherwise they will never come to fruition! Thank you and F**k You!