Strength, passion, persistence and a positive attitude are all traits known to Alexander. Known for his powerful, dynamic voice and expertise in the IT field, Alexander has had a passion for music since his inception. At the tender age of 5 you would finding him serenading the halls with his lovely operatic voice. In addition, you could also catch him building, repairing and replacing gear around his house. If there was a problem, Alexander could most likely solve it. Throughout his school life, he has participated in various music projects. He later on became the lead singer of his high school’s band.

At the age of 15, Alexander’s taste in music began to excel to towards rock. Alexander would sometimes just lay in bed with the stereo turned up at about mid volume, listening to and interpreting the sonics of classic rock albums. Later on, humming the melody of the most potent piece, Alexander would play the song on his acoustic guitar, given to him by his dad.

While performing in his school band Alexander realized that his true potential was not being shown due to predefined set lists. Another band was then established by Alexander, where he would sing songs more suited to his taste. He performed at several charitable events with his band, some of which were organized by his mom.

After graduating from high school, Alexander started University majoring in Information Technology, which he enjoyed but later realized it was not his first love. Alexander believes that in order to excel and be great at what you do, you have to love it. Everyone should aspire to be happy in the career path they pursue.

Later on Alexander began writing his own songs. This established the need for a producer. Alexander found numerous producers willing to assist, however (after a while) production became quite costly and results were not always as desired. With Alexander’s intense passion for computers and audio, he began looking into audio production. At this point Alexander realized that he needed to learn the fundamentals of audio and the recording process as a whole in order to pull it off.

Alexander, later went on to study in LA and gain a better understanding of audio and the entertainment industry. Having the opportunity to work with and gain a wealth of knowledge from many talented and experienced audio professionals has helped Alexander build and mold his craft to perfection. Alexander’s talent in combination with the knowledge that he acquired has enabled him to put out numerous releases independently. In addition, Alexander now holds a Certificate in Audio Engineering, is a Pro Tools Certified Operator, an Apple Certified Pro for Logic Pro and an established IT professional.