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Hello everyone, my first vlog video entitled “Welcome to the Journey” is up on YouTube. Check it out and thank you for the continued support! – Alexander Lindo

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Progression is Out Now


Progression is Out Now!

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Studio Tips – Episode #1


Music is an art-form. It builds, strengthens and enhances the human life. It is built with the purpose of delivering a message. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that (as artists, producers, and engineers) our message is delivered in the most accurate way possible. In the “Studio Tips” series I discuss methods on how to enhance the experience and delivery of “the song”. Enjoy!


Ensure your environment is optimal as an uncomfortable environment will leave you with a poor performance. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are, what you do, both as an artist and as a person. Do not be quick to “take what you get”, as you always have options. Never let anyone make you think that you don’t have options. If you are unhappy with the situation it is bound to show.


If your intention is to record, make sure that you have adequately practiced the material before hand. Magic can and may happen in the studio but it is always best to prepare. If you are a singer ensure that you are hydrated, as failure to do so may leave you with some dry sounding vocals. If you are a guitarist ensure that your guitar is properly tuned and that you have at least 2 extra set of strings available. Other than failure to prepare it can be equally disconcerting when the performer is unable to record a take due to technical difficulties. If you are the producer/engineer set up your project with plugins that introduce the least amount of latency / CPU usage during tracking / recording.

The Message

Vocals / Lyrics are the most important part of every song (that contains vocals). They tell the story, and you want them to shine to the best of their ability. Be sure that your engineer is providing you with a space carved out just for you. Listen to the mix. If you cannot hear yourself clearly when the music is playing, you will be shouting above the mix and this is never recommended. The same goes for performing live. If you cannot hear yourself, you will not perform correctly. It is therefore extremely important to get the balance right, before you open up.


Manhattan Beach '09

Alexander Lindo has always been a man of many talents and this is no exception. Professional mixing and mastering services are now available to whomever might need them. All you have to do is contact us. Requirements regarding the state of delivery and the medium are available under the “Services” tab of this website. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Have a pleasant day everyone.

Inside the 2i2

It is that special time where we dive into the internals of arguably the world’s best selling audio interface: The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The company, founded in 1985 by Rupert Neve, has been well known throughout the recording industry for making high quality microphone pre-amplifires and audio interfaces.

Today we look at their most recent and most popular contender. Featuring two Focusrite mic pre-amplifires, the Scarlett 2i2 has made it into the hands of many “singer-songwriters” and audio professionals alike. The 2i2 hosts the same microphone pre-amplifiers found in Focusrite’s premium RedNet series of audio interfaces thus providing little compromise in audio fidelity. The interface is class complaint for OS X and Linux and thus can be connected and ready to go without installing any drivers. We are able to record audio at up to 24bits @ 96 kHz, providing us with great headroom and fast sampling rates. All together in a rugged brushed aluminium construction, it is no wonder it is an all time favourite.

Time for the reveal…

2i2: Front2i2: Back Nuts & Screws Removed

Once the screws and plastic nuts were removed from the plastic back-plate it was now time to delve inside to see what makes this unit tick.

2i2: Back Plate Removed2i2: Back Plate Removed

In order to eject the circuit board from the aluminium chassis, I reached for my handy flat head screw driver and gently pried the to plastic latches downward (located at the top front of the unit) and gently pushed the circuit board forward until it was completely out.

2i2: Circuit Board2i2: Circuit Board Top

On board we have a Cirrus Logic CS4272 codec for all audio conversion duties. The codec is actually able to run at up to 192 kHz but has been “scaled down to 96 kHz to function reliably” on the USB 2 protocol.  Above, we can see the green and red clip LEDs next to the gain knobs. In addition we also have a red LED indicator for 48V phantom power. Beside the two gain knobs we have two Neutrik combo jack connectors which are firmly screwed into the plastic face plate alleviating any stress that may have been placed on the circuit board when inserting an XLR or TRS cable. The connections are gold plated to improve conductivity.

With the 2 Focusrite microphone pre-amplifiers, solid aluminum enclosure and gold plated Neutrik combo jacks I can definitely say that the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a solid piece of kit.

Alexander Lindo is a singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer, technology enthusiast, Apple Certified Pro and Pro Tools Certified Operator. If you enjoyed this article don’t forget to like me on Facebookfollow me on TwitterGoogle Plus. When you are done, please check out my music. Thank you for your continued support.