Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all those who have and continue support me on my journey. May your day be filled with delight; may your future be one of happiness, health and prosperity.




“Shine even brighter with consistency, pride and power…thrive for destiny”

Some words of empowerment from the song entitled “Progression”

This a song about fighting, embrace, and unity.

Thrive for destiny! – Alexander Lindo

Out of the Clouds


“I’ve got my mind set on ahead and nothing can deter me”

Those are the first lines of the song entitled “Out of the Clouds”

This is a song about strength, self empowerment and the journey…


We must be strong and always fight for what we believe in.

Believe in yourself, embrace and love yourself.

Never allow the voice or actions others to tarnish or sabotage your life, your journey.

Always prevail! – Alexander Lindo


“Out of the Clouds” is available on “Progression”, the EP by Alexander Lindo

Words of Wisdom

AL - Prog

Some Words of Wisdom from the man himself, Alexander Lindo:

“Rebuke those who try to bring you down,

Embrace only those who uplift and inspire you,

Know yourself, love yourself and embrace your greatness,

Stay strong, stay confident, 

Let no-one steal your pride,

We need to shine, and be unified,

We need to see and thrive for destiny!”

– Alexander Lindo