Progression is Out Now


Progression is Out Now!

Released: September 23rd 2016
The “Progression” EP is available for purchase on
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– Alexander Lindo
Singer-Songwriter / Producer / Audio-Engineer
Apple Certified Logic Pro / Pro Tools Certified Operator

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Vocals: Alexander Lindo / Lyrics: Alexander Lindo /
Guitars: Alexander Lindo / Production: Alexander Lindo /
Mixed: Alexander Lindo / Mastered: Alexander Lindo

ⓒ 2010-2016 Alexander Lindo. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution or public performance of any kind is strictly prohibited and punishable under the federal law.


“Hurt” Available for Listening

Hey guys and girls,

Thank you for all for the support.
My latest single entitled “Hurt” is available for listening.
Just click on the image above.

Alexander Lindo

Vocals, Lyrics & Guitars by: Alexander Lindo
Production by: Alexander Lindo
Mixed & Mastered by: Alexander Lindo
Artwork by: Alexander Lindo

Alexander Lindo is a singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer, technology enthusiast, Apple Certified Pro and Pro Tools Certified Operator. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter & Google Plus. Thank you for your continued support. © Alexander Lindo. All Rights Reserved.