A Day of Jogging

Today, October 30, 2021: Saw several joggers this morning walking passed our Valjour Royale estate (with protection provided by KingAlarm). One complementing me on our “NOT FOR SALE” sign. The same culprit issuing a sly remark to his other so-called jogger friends down the road “Oh that sign looks like they made it and the owner came and said what are you doing”.

Well consider yourself blessed that you had the opportunity to meet one of the only two real owners of this estate: myself (Alexander Lindo) and my mother (Joan Lindo). Yes, thats right, not some british or american or asian man, not some mobster or gangster; two legitimate Jamaicans: Joan Lindo & Alexander Lindo.

Any investments to be made, be sure to send them our way, otherwise they will never come to fruition.

Now about that sign…If you can make us a better sign be sure to get in touch. 😉