Anker Lightning

Anker PowerLine Lightning Cable (6 ft)

I’m not new to Anker’s line of products, I own quite a few in-fact. I was looking for a beautiful, high quality white MFi-Certified Lightning cable that was of reasonable length (at least 6 feet) and reasonable cost. The Anker PowerLine Lightning cable fits the bill perfectly. 

Upon opening the box and inspecting the cable, it is evident that the Anker PowerLine Lightning cord is thick and feels premium. It is difficult to discuss durability or longevity as only time will tell how long it lasts. Bearing that in mind, the general feel and appearance of Anker’s PowerLine Lightning cable gives the impression that it will last. 

Insertion into my iPhone and Mac via this cable is quite smooth and thus adding to that premium experience. Syncing and charging work as intended. The included velcro strap is a welcome addition for cable management and storage. I did however have some difficulty keeping the small loop-through attached to the cable once the strap was unfolded. A welcome addition non-the-less.

After owning and using the Anker PowerLine Lightning cable for approximately 2 weeks, my experience has been mainly positive and I expect it to remain that way into the foreseeable future.

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