Logic Pro X 10.4.2

Logic Pro X 10.4.2

The updates get better and better, first with the release macOS Mojave and now with the release of Logic Pro X 10.4.2. Here are the features Alexander Lindo finds most interesting in this release of Logic Pro X.

  • The Sound Library can be relocated to an external storage device
  • New mixer mode allows channel strip fader and pan controls to be used to set send level and pan

Being able to relocate the Sound Library to an external drive is a massive feature, especially for those of us that have limited space on our internal solid state drive. This feature is accessible from “Logic Pro X > Sound Library > Relocate Sound Library”. This will bring up a new window showing you the storage devices attached to your Mac along with their status. Simply select the drive you want to relocate the sound library to and click “Relocate”.

“Sends on Faders” enhances control in the Mixer when it pertains to send level and pan. When this feature is enabled you will notice that the channel strip faders become yellow. Any adjustments that you make on the fader while in this mode will adjust the send level from that respective channel strip. You can also enable “Independent Pan” by selecting it from the send pop-up menu on that channel strip. This will allow you to independently control the pan of the send.

In addition to these welcome updates, there are several bug fixes and enhancements in Logic Pro X 10.4.2. Rock on Apple!

The release notes are available here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208892