Android: Sustain Mobile Data


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Many Android users have been plagued by the issue of their data plan depleting even when the “Data Saver” option is enabled. I looked all over the Internet and did not find a solution. This led me to go back to the basics and think of the basic primitive protections put in place before the age of smartphones. In today’s quick tip, I am going to show you how to prevent data hemorrhaging on Android.

The first question many people will ask: “Why is my mobile data depleting even though I have disabled data usage?” Great question. Cellular Data is used on boot before the device’s settings come in to play. Once the SIM Card is present and has mobile data access available it will be used during boot. So how do we fix it? Well the answer is quite simple.

Enable SIM Lock

Go to Settings > Security > SIM card lock > SIM Lock settings and toggle “Lock SIM card” to the on position. Change your default SIM PIN (default is usually: 0000) to something else. When SIM Lock is enabled, the device will boot without access to services provided through the SIM card, thus retaining available data. Once device has booted, Android will ask you to enter your SIM card’s PIN. At this point Android won’t use your data (unless data usage is enabled).

I cannot say whether this is a bug or if it is done by design however above tutorial should help to alleviate this common problem. Please note that the above tutorial is not applicable if you have just factory reset your phone as Android will require you to enter your PIN immediately before the phone is even setup. In this event, it is best to boot the phone without the SIM card. Once the phone has been set up, install the SIM card.