Happy Birthday Rupert Neve

Rupert Neve

It is an honor to celebrate the 90th birthday of the legendary Rupert Neve, the visionary responsible for establishing some of the industry’s greatest pieces of audio equipment. A man who followed his dream and continues to do so till this day. Rupert has been and continues to be a massive influence in the way we create, mix and consume audio. In honor of this legend here are some of his career highlights.

The Beginning

The 1073 is a product that almost everyone in the audio industry swears by. Originally built in the year of 1970 as an upgrade for the A88 console at Wessex Studio, the 1073 remains one of the worlds most favorite microphone preamplifier and equalizer modules till this very day. This preamplifier / equalizer has been cloned far more than any other piece of audio equipment and due to its massive success, Rupert Neve continues to provide us with the option of using its most favorable characteristics in his most current products.


Rupert Neve invented NECAM (Neve Computer Assisted Mixdown) which was the first motorized fader automation mechanism. This technology was released in 1977 after Rupert’s departure of Neve Electronics.


In 1985 he was commissioned by Sir George Martin to build a 16 channel sidecar which would be fitted with customized modules for his Neve console at the Air Montserrat studio. Neve invented the ISA 110 preamplifier/equalizer along with the ISA 130 VCA compressor under his new company “Focusrite” these modules were released to the world in 1987. They were an instant success. Focusrite was sold later on to Phil Dudderidge in 1989.

Rupert Neve Designes

Today we have Rupert Neve Designs. Established in 2005 Rupert Neve Designs is well known for their Portico series processors along with their 500 series processors. The 511 module is currently their best selling microphone preamplifier. The 5088 console which features Rupert’s legendary transformer-based design is one of the most beautiful consoles ever made.


From the 1073 preamp and equalizer the to the gorgeous 5088 Rupert Neve Designs console. Rupert is one of the most talented and ambitious innovators to have graced the audio industry. I have great respect and regard for Rupert Neve and look forward to what he plans to show us in the future. Happy Birthday Rupert and thank you for enhancing our lives with all of your wonderful creations. The list above is not intended to be elaborate as there are more accomplishments on record. For an even more elaborate look at the innovations of this legend visit rupertneve.com

-Alexander Lindo